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Modern Design & Exception Quality

In the world of aluminium windows and doors, Sequ-Door stands out as a premium supplier of sliding folding doors in Gauteng. Known for their commitment to precision, durability, and innovation, Sequ-Door has become synonymous with redefining living spaces through their cutting-edge aluminium sliding folding doors.

Sequ-Door recognises the transformative power of aluminium stacking doors in redesigning living spaces. These doors have the remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor areas. Imagine closing off undercover spaces to create inviting entertainment areas or effortlessly merging your living room with a patio. Sequ-Door’s modern patio doors redefine the conventional boundaries of your home, providing an open, spacious feel that enhances the overall aesthetics of your living space.

At the heart of Sequ-Door’s sliding folding doors lies a commitment to quality craftsmanship and the use of robust aluminium. These doors are meticulously designed with precision, ensuring not only secure entrances but also a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

The hallmark of Sequ-Door’s sliding folding doors is their ingenious concertina design. This innovative folding mechanism allows the doors to neatly fold away, creating sleek spaces that effortlessly adapt to your lifestyle.

Sequ-Door firmly believes that their aluminium folding sliding doors are not just a product; they are an investment in enhancing the quality of your living.

Key Features of Sequ-Door’s Sliding Folding Doors

Space-Saving Elegance

Sequ-Door’s sliding folding doors redefine the concept of space utilisation. While in the open position, the doors can fold away to reveal up to 90% of the doorway, opening up living areas and merging them with outdoor spaces.  

Energy Efficiency Redefined

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, Sequ-Door’s commitment to energy efficiency is at the forefront of their design philosophy. Crafted from high-quality aluminium, these folding patio doors provide excellent insulation, keeping your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and they are fully weatherproof.

Safety Beyond Compromise

At Sequ-Door, we believe in the safety of our customers. Our foldable sliding doors are equipped with top-tier locking mechanisms, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners. The durability of the aluminium construction, coupled with expert manufacturing and multiple locking points, makes it one of the most secure doors in our range. 

Why Choose Sequ-Door for Aluminium Doors?

When it comes to aluminium doors, Sequ-Door stands out as the premier choice for discerning homeowners. We are known for:

Comprehensive After-Sales Services

At Sequ-Door, our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive after-sales services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your aluminium doors. We will make sure that your Palace Sliding Doors, glide effortlessly, and that your Pivot Door moves on its rotating pivot set without problems. 

Custom Quotes for Your Unique Needs

Recognising that every home is unique, Sequ-Door offers custom quotes to align with your specific requirements. For example, our Sliding Folding Doors can be made with 3, 5, 7, or 9 panels and have either right or left-hand side locking. We can also add window vents within the door allowing for airflow while the doors are securely locked. 

Trusted Supplier and Installer

Sequ-Door has earned a reputation as a trusted supplier and installer of aluminium doors in the Gauteng area. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our service, from the quality of materials to the precision of installation.

Uncompromising Quality in Every Aspect

Quality is the cornerstone of Sequ-Door’s ethos. Our aluminium doors stand as a testament to durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, which can be seen in our Standard Sliding Doors and Single and Double Hinged Doors.  

Modernise Your Living Space

Modernise your living space with quality aluminium doors from Sequ-Door. You can request a quote by completing the form here, and our friendly team will assist you in choosing the perfect doors for your home.

Benefits and Features

  • While in the open position, this door will fold away to reveal up to 90% of the doorway
  • Multiple locking points (every second panel), boosts the door’s secure features
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Custom built-in ventilation options available
  • Maximum individual panel width – 900 mm
  • Maximum individual panel height – 3000 mm
  • Available in various popular powder coated colours

Warranty and Maintenance

  • 5 years on the Aluminium Profiles against defective powder coating
  • 5 years on the Glass against delamination
  • 12 months on the Hardware
  • 12 months on the Workmanship
  • All defects will be verified by our suppliers against any neglect and further subject to care and maintenance as laid out by our “Aluminium-using and maintaining” document below.

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