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Form & Function – Where style blends with security

Home security, especially in SA, should be everyone’s top concern. Yet it’s important from both a design and a functional perspective that security essentials blend seamlessly with your modern home decor.

We take a look at some of the key security areas of your home from an interior design perspective to suggest ways in which you can best organise them in functional, yet creative ways.


Entrance ways

The front door is the gateway to your home. Not only does a stunning front door appeal to our sense of personal pride, but so too does it deter criminals when combined with modern security. The style and modern appeal of aluminium hinged doors with a faded or clear glass interior is a timeless appeal with all the security and decorative features rolled into one, with the use of laminated safety glass. The versatility of these doors allows for both interior or exterior use.

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For other outer access points to your back garden or patio, nothing quite combines modern
security living with style like our sliding folding door range. Mainly used at the foremost entryways to your home, these evocative doors provide both unmatched security and character to your house.

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Dual-purpose assets

Although our range of doors could easily be encompassed here, another versatile security and design asset are your curtains and indoor lighting layouts. 

Curtains will provide you with that much-needed privacy as well as full out your room. But it depends on the type of curtain you use. Black-out curtains, for example, filter out light like it’s nobody’s business. These
security-conscious curtains not only deter prying eyes but their ability to block out almost 100% of UV rays helps protect your interior furniture. 

Maybe add blinds for privacy or tinted or clear reinforced glass?

Not a huge fan of thick curtains? Sequ-Door has partnered with Blockhouse shutters to bring you a secure and stunning solution. We have perfected the art of designing the ideal security shutter that negates timber, pvc, or non-security aluminium. Our shutters offer the best security barrier possible!

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There are two important functions to good security lighting. Number one, they are a major deterrent to criminals but they should also have seamless wall-mounts to complement your outdoor look. Some of the most stylish yet effective outdoor lights are wall-mounted sconces that light up the area and bathe the wall behind them in a pleasing gleam.


Hidden Security Cameras

From motion sensors to security cameras, surveillance technology is a vital component of home security. Yet often these devices are easy to get around if you know where they are and what sections they’re programmed to monitor.

cameras are at a much greater risk of being avoided when they’re placed in obvious locations. Not only that, but oftentimes the bulky designs can clash with your exterior design. Consider purchasing wireless security cameras like those that integrate with your wifi and network. Not only are they compact and easy to hide but they also do away with clunky wiring and ugly wall mounts.


Garden Fortress

Home security starts with the garden. You want to keep your garden as defensible as possible without sacrificing the natural flow of your plants and pathways. Consider planting “defensive” shrubs like pyracantha. These thorny plants not only bloom brilliant red and orange berries but have serrated leaves and a large collection of thorns.

Try other outdoor
security options such as installing a trellis on the top of your fences and walls which alert you to intruders when broken and integrate this with your security lighting. Be sure not to use motion sensors because the major security feature of lighting is the deterrent factor, and motion sensors generally only activate from the inside. This means that by the time they sense movement, the intruder is already on your property.


Refining personal security consciousness

Half the home intrusions that occur could be prevented if it weren’t for homeowner mistakes. Thinking of hiding the key under your matt or potted shrubs…? Don’t!!! Experienced burglars know to look under these objects.

Be sure to keep your outside ladders locked away and not in easy to reach spaces. Especially if you have a double story home with
windows left ajar. Finally, make it a habit to remain constantly vigilant. People who are seldom victims of burglary tend to let their guards down, so don’t fall victim to that sort of mentality as home intrusions can happen in the blink of an eye.

As every form vs function debate goes, the style and aesthetic appeal of the homeowner is always down to how much effort and creativity they wish to put in. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you’ll solve both the
security and design aspects of your home with ease.

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