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Beautifying your home can help to create an environment that is relaxing and truly encapsulates the character and personality of those living inside. However many times you change up the accessories, if the foundations of your homes interior and exterior design is outdated, everything else will feel a little drab. Read on here to discover what your first home conversion should be, why, and how to get it done right.

So what should your home conversion consist of? For a sleek and sophisticated looking home, swapping out old wood and steel doors and windows for aesthetically pleasing aluminium doors and windows will help you create a modern looking home. Another installation strongly encouraged for security-conscious South Africans would be the inclusion of a home safety zone and additional burglar proofing inside and around the home such as burglar bars, expandable security gates, and security shutters. Lastly, if quality time and entertaining friends and family is an important part of your lifestyle, consider installing a patio enclosure to create an intimate environment you will be able to use year round.

Why choose aluminium windows and doors? Not only is aluminium easier to maintain than old fashioned wood and steel, but it is also an extremely cost-effective option with a wide range of customisable options to cater to your tastes. Do you want to know more about why aluminium is the ideal material to use? Read here: https://sequ-door.co.za/blog/wood-to-aluminium-conversions/.

Home safety and security is a growing concern for many families and prevention is often better than a cure. Ensure that your home is well secured with robust burglar proofing solutions such as burglar bars, safe zones, expandable security gates, security shutters, armed alarm systems, and electric fencing. Want to know if your security system is foolproof? Read here: https://sequ-door.co.za/blog/cosy-winter-patio-enclosures/

South Africans focus on entertaining as much as we focus on our safety and nothing will help you to entertain quite like a patio enclosure. From adding floor space to your home and increasing property value, to creating a weatherproof environment ideal for all seasons, there’s no reason your home shouldn’t have its own beautiful patio enclosure. Want to know more on how a patio enclosure can add to your lifestyle this winter/ Read here: https://sequ-door.co.za/blog/cosy-winter-patio-enclosures/

At Sequ-Door we pride ourselves in customer service excellence and are held to this standard by our numerous certifications and client compliments. In our desire to bring you the service you deserve, we promise to always leave your home in better condition than we found it in when installing your new aluminium windows and doors, patio enclosures and burglar proofing solutions. That is what Sequ-Door stands for.

Whatever your home conversion requirements may be, you can rest assured the Sequ-Door will be there to help you with all your security, patio enclosure and aluminium door and window needs.


Sequ-Door is one of the leading companies in South Africa for the manufacture and installation of high-quality aluminium doors and windows, expandable security products, secure safe zones, burglar proofing and security shutters.

We specialize in home conversions and patio enclosures with our aluminium doors and windows, while our robust range of security products will put your mind at ease. All our expandable security doors and windows come standard with the Slam-Lock feature, providing instant security in times of emergency.

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Tel: 087 073 6677

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